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Park with Gallic village based on famous cartoon Asterix. Park is build from 6 thematic lands: Travel through time, Egypt, The Roman Empire, Welcome to Gaul, Ancient Greece, The Vikings. Also you can watch many shows with the main characters from the cartoons.

How to travel to Asterix Park

How to travel to Asterix Park?


You can travel directly to Asterix Park from Paris. You will begin your trip by bus from Palais-Royal at 9:30 CET and you will have to go back at 18:30 CET.


You can travel to Asterix by train (B-line) marked with blue color. Unfortunately there is no direct connection so transfer to bus is needed. Train stations for RER train to Asterix are: Châtelet and Gale du Nord. B-line train is at platform 43. NOTICE!: Remember to always check your platform. You have to go to Charles de Gaulle. You need to exit at Aéroport Charles De Gaulle Terminal 1 and buy a ticket in “ Parcs de Loisirs ”. You can travel by bus every 30mins from 9:00 CET to 01:00 CET from bus platform A3. Ticket price from Paris to station is 9,75 euro. Ticket is valid up to 5 zone only. You can buy a ticket for RER B-line train at every station or ticket machine. Price of one bus ticket is 7,5 euro, for kids between 3-11 is 6 euro and children under 3 can travel for free.

How can I travel to Asterix Park without so many things to remember?

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