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Museums in Paris

Zwiedzanie nocne muzea w Paryżu

Paris is the city with more than 100 museums. Few of them are global known for their collections, f.e: Louvre with the highest attendance. For the last couple of years many museums was created not only for art but also for didactic purposes. There is almost 30 eco-museums which maintain natural environment like forests or swamps or complex of old industry like forge, old art workhouse or old settlements. Now many of them are improving and want to create prehistoric parks. The most know are: Samara ( near Amiens ), archéodrome Beaune ( in Burgundy ), Thot ( in Dordone ) which have old museums, audio-visual studio, reconstruction of settlements with real and fake animals. In Tarascon-sur-Ariège Park has paths and routes with audio effects. Trips through industry are more popular nowdays. Old salt mines, factories and windmills are treated as a culture heritage. One of them is chocolate factory Marne-la-Vallée (in Île-de-France) or the salt mine Arc-et-Senans (region of Franche-Comté).

The most popular museums in Paris are:

  • Louvre
  • Museum d'Orsay
  • Grand Palais
  • Petit Palais
  • Museum Guimet
  • Museum de l'Homme
  • Museum Cernuschi
  • Museum Musee de la Musique
  • Museum Carnavalet
  • Museum Victor Hugo
  • Centre Georges Pompidou
  • Museum de l'Air et de l'Espace
  • Museum Grevin
  • Museum Rodin
  • Museum Salvador Dali
  • Museum Picasso
  • Museum des Historiques de la Prefecture de Police de Paris
  • Museum of Wine
  • Catacombs
  • Museum du quai Branly
  • Institut du Monde Arabe
  • Museum Delacroix
  • Museum Cognacq Jay
  • Cite des Sciences et de l'Industrie
  • Chateau de Versailles