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French cuisine with no doubt is one of the best and well known cuisines in the world.

Kuchnia francuska

Snails, frog legs, crème brulée, cheese and wine are on of the most noticeable things when we think about French cuisine. Only in Paris there is a plenty of thematic restaurants where you can try food from around the world like: old French, Spanish, Thai or Japanese and many more.


Le petit déjeuner – french breakfast includes: coffee, tea or chocolate, small roll (croissant), long roll (baquette) , butter, jam and orange juice.

Le déjeuner – french lunch between midday and 14:00 CET. Traditional menu starts with appetizer (entrée), main hot meal (plat du jour), cheese (fromage) and dessert. After whole meal French people drink wine or water. In most of the restaurants you can order ALL IN ONE meal in the one price.

Le dîner - french dinner is between 19:00-21:00 CET. Menu starts with appetizer (hors d'oeuvre) which includes: soup, salad, fat liver. Main dish include: meat, fish or chicken with rice, potatoes or vegetables. Dessert is at the end with cheese, wine and water.

Many French people are eating in restaurants called “Brasserie” when you can order dishes from a particular menu. In most of them you can see the menu and price hanging outside the restaurants.

Prices :

Prices in French restaurants starts from 10euro and depends on the quality of the restaurant.

Appetizers :

Croque Monsieur – gratin with cheese and ham

Croque Madame – gratin with cheese, ham and fried egg

Escargot – snails

Salade niçoise – salad made from bean, olives, anchois and paprika

Main dishes :

Coq au vin - rooster in wine

Boeuf bourgignon - beef with burgundy and mushrooms

Cassoulet - beans with pork meat and sausages

Veau flamande - veal with dry plums and apricots

Bouillabaisse - fish soup

Desserts :

Crème brulée - cream from eggs and carmel

French tart - crisp cake with fruits and jelly

Crepes - pancakes