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Tickets in Paris

„Ticket t+” is a disposal ticket valid in Paris areas 1 and 2 – 1.80 euro. Available for 1h30min after validation. After leaving station ticket is not valid anymore. When you use the ticket in buses you can change them in that time limit.

Ticket pricing in Paris

Carnet 10 „Ticket t+” pack of 10 tickets for 14.10 euro.

Carnet 10 - pack of tickets

For kids between 4-9 years old there is a 50% discount and children under 3 can travel for free.

dditional option for people under 26 years old is Ticket Jeunes Week-end for 3,75 euro when you can travel with no limit in zones 1-3. For 8,35euro you can travel in areas 1-5.

Daily ticket in Paris

One-day ticket is called “Mobilis”. You can travel and change between metro, buses and trams with no limit. There is a types of “Mobilis” you should now about:

  • Mobilis 1-2 Paris and close areas – 7.00euro
  • Mobilis 1-3 Paris and close areas - 9.30euro
  • Mobilis 1-4 Paris and Versailles – 11.50euro
  • Mobilis 1-5 Paris/Disneyland with airports CDG/ORLY – 16.60euro
Ticket information should be filled before traveling ( Valable space ): Nom: Name and Prenom: Surname.

Daily ticket in Paris
Paris map of public transportation

Viste Paris Card – type of ticket where you can pick days and areas.

Daily ticket in Paris Daily ticket in Paris

Week Tickets

Type of ticket in plastic card form. These tickets are also called Navigo Découverte. Tickets are valid from Monday-Sunday and not from the date when we buy a tickets so that’s why they are not popular.


  • Area 1-2: 21.25 €
  • Area 1-3: 27.15 €
  • Area 1-4: 32.95 €
  • Area 1-5: 35,40 €
Week ticket in Paris Week ticket in Paris