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How to travel from Beauvais-Tille to Paris

Beauvais airport is 85km away from Paris up north. If you want to travel to Paris with cheap airlines you should take this airport into consideration.

There is a 3 way to travel from Beauvais to Paris.

With TransportParis

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By bus

Travel by bus from Porte Malliot from the suburbs of Paris. Courses are connected with every arrival but estimated time of travel is always different than on transporter website. Next step is to enter the RER C Tram or metro NR 1 from Porte Malliot. Price of bus ticket is 17 € and metro ticket is another 1,80 € (same prices in two directions). The one thing you have to remember is to be 3,5h before the airport gates are open.

By local bus

The last way to travel is the public transportation. Beauvais LINE 12 which transfer you to Gar S.N.C.F (train station) – estimated time: 20-30 mins. Next you will travel by train. Trains departures are every 1-2 hrs.

You can always take a cab but this will be the most expensive way. Without traffic jams you will have to pay around 150 €.