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Disneyland Paris – the most popular attraction for tourists in France. Filled with the newest technology. Whole complex is divided by 5 lands and every one of the them have their own thematic attractions, restaurants and shops. Lands of Disneyland are: Wild West, Ships and Pirates, Fantasy and Fairytales, Discoveryland – technology and improvements, Walt Disney Studio. Also there is a complex of thematic restaurants and American shops, pubs and more in place called Disney Village. What is more near the entrance you can find hotels.

How to travel to Disneyland Paris

How to travel from Paris to Disneyland Paris?


You can travel by a fast Train RER A ( marked RED COLOR) from 5 stations:

  • Charles de Gaulle Etoile,
  • Auber,
  • Chatelet Les Halles,
  • Gare de Lyon,
  • Nation.

You have to go to Marne-la-Vallée and exit at last station Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy. Route by RER depends on the station you entered. You have to spent at least 40 mins for travel to Disneyland. Train is moving to Disneyland every 9min30sec. First route starts at 5:22 CET from Gare De Lyon station and the last train is coming back at 00:20 CET. Station is near to both Disneyland entrances and Disney Village. Price of one ticket : 7,50 Euro. Transport with ticket is valid from zones 1-5. Children under 4 are traveling for free. 50% discount is available for kids under 10 for metro transport. Disneyland is in zone 5 and 32 kilometers outside of Paris. If you want to travel a lot with public transportation we suggest you to buy Paris Visite Pass for specific communication areas. You can buy tickets for RER A on every station. Remember to check your ticket – ticket is valid for up to 5 zone only.

How can I travel to Disneyland without so many things to remember?

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