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The most popular places for kids in France are amusement Parks. The most famous are:

Disneyland Paris – the most popular attraction for tourists in France. Filled with the newest technology. Whole complex is divided in 5 lands and every one of the lands have their own thematic attractions, restaurants and shops. Lands of Disneyland are: Wild West, Ships and Pirates, Fantasy and Fairytales, Discoveryland – technology and improvements, Walt Disney Studio. Also there is a complex of thematic restaurants and American shops, pubs and more in place called Disney Village. What is more near the entrance you can find hotels.

Asterix Park - Park with Gallic village based on famous cartoon Asterix. Park is build from 6 thematic lands: Travel through time, Egypt, The Roman Empire, Welcome to Gaul, Ancient Greece, The Vikings. Also you can watch many shows with the main characters from the cartoons. Park is not so famous or big like Disneyland but definitely you should add Park Asterix to your plans. Its on the list TOP 20 (biggest parks in EUROPE). Park draws almost 1,6 million visitors a year.

Futuroskope ( 7km from Poiters in Poitou-Charentes region) – Park focused on world of audio and video technologies from cinematography. You can find here many 3D cinemas and places for finding new video games and many more. Park was created in 1987. In 2015 park received “Travelers’ Choice award: one of the best Amusement Parks.” Park is filled not only with fun but also educational attractions like “Futur l’expo” when you can learn and test futuristic technologies in many activities.

Bagatelle in Marlimont – Park with many attractions including animals. Directed for children. Created in 1955 and from that time is still improving.

Park La Vilette in Paris – opened in 1986 at the old slaughterhouse. Created for music, art and science. The best attractions is the Museum of Science and Industry (Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie) and 3D cinemas “Cineaxe” and “Geode”. Created by swiss architect Bernard Tschumi. Covering space of 55ha.

Oceanarium – double world of coral reef, diverse species and sea plants. Beautiful place with 2500m2 space with over 300 species like sharks, rays, turtles and more. Recommended for children. Its not only education for kids but also opportunity to see how many species live together. The Sea Life aquarium is the biggest aquarium in Il de France region. Its placed in city centre Val d’Europe 20mins from Paris, close to Disneyland.

Le Jarding D’acclimatation – Park of adventures combined with educational classes, doll theatre, small golf field and many more. Also in park you can attend to concerts, cinemas and many activities for kids and adults. Park is placed between Porte de Neuilly and Les Sablons in the heart of Boulogne forest. Botanic park was created in 1854 by zoologist Isidore Geoffroy Saint – Hilaire and its focused on acclimatization of tropical species.